Thursday, May 5, 2011

I joined and fell in love...

Well no!
hahaha got you!

After a few Sundays on my couch watching a brain wash of girly TV, well more like girly commercials, I decided to check out Before I knew what was happening, I had my credit card in my hand and boom bam I clicked submit. 3 months for $60. It is almost cheaper than a night at a club.

If you have read my review of internet dating sites you know that I prefer paid sites over the free ones, it keeps the rif-raft out. For the same reason I would rather pay $25 cover at a club than walk in for free.

I decided on over this time around, mainly because I have been on eH for a few years on and off and the results have been semi ok at times. Again the perfect eH date of all night gigles does not mean you also want to jump across the table and tackle the person. Let's be honest I am kind of looking for that.

Lately my dates have been either great convo no jumping or jumping no convo.
Now will the man that can balance the two be on

No idea but lets see how this shakes out, shall we?

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