Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Workout Schedule.

New Workout Schedule.
Sadly Volleyball league is over and my team is not available for the next session. I am really hopeful that we start again after this break. I am getting exponentially better and don't want to loose momentum.

New Schedule:

Monday - Hot Yoga - Remember that coupon I bought months ago, I am still using it and will probably for another 2 mos. Because I go regularly they will let me use it for longer than the 3 mos limit!

Tues - 6am weights

Wed - Yoga (my gym is also organizing a beginner running club which will be right before this)

Thurs - 6am weights

Fri - Boot camp cardio

Sat - Circuit

Sun - Rest

This will be my schedule until I come back from Europe and/ or come back from taking care of my Sis after her surgery end of July.

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