Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spending Recap Fri May 6 - Thurs May 12

Fri May 6

$15 Grocery

Sat May 7

$29 Second City Show
$20 Drinks and Parking
Total $ 49

Sun May 8
$95 Grocery
$11 Wine
Total $ 106

Mon May 9

Money Free Day!

Tues May 10
$25 Lunch with work group
$37 Grocery
Total $ 62

Wed May 11
$10 Cat Food
$7 Lunch with work group
Total $ 17

Thurs May 12

Money Free Day!

Weekly Total $ 249

Again over budget :(
But do you notice ... no Starbucks!!! I actually went 3 times this week but did not buy coffee! Instead drank the work version.

I had to have lunch out with my work group twice this week. The $25 lunch should have been max $15 as I selected a sandwich, but they decided to split the bill evenly between all of us. This is not acceptable since most people had fantastic salmon and I had a dry veal parm sandwich in an attempt to keep my bill low. Because it was work I couldn't raise a stink about it.
That grocery bill is out of hand. This week, I scored a whole bunch of food from work when they cleaned the sales fridges and also have a week's worth of lunches from food I have cooked in the last few weeks. Hopefully I will be buying just salad and snacks for this week.

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