Friday, May 6, 2011

Enough already!

It doesn’t end!
I received my Bell bill that for the period ending May 31st yesterday and today I called them to figure out how much I owe them so that I don’t overpay. I imagine the headache of getting my money back will be even more horrendous.

After 45 mins on hold before I could speak to the Billing department, I finally got through to someone who told me my services were not canceled. WHAT. Not until this Sat and there is a 30day notice period. THE CABLES ARE GONE FROM THE BUILDING, YOU CANNOT CHARGE ME FOR SERVICE YOU CANNOT PROVIDE ME WITH.

Count to ten slowly and breathe.

They didn’t have a record of it since it is another department that dealt with it. But aren’t you Billing?

After a long back and forth, they told me not to pay the bill until I get the final bill next month. At that point whatever I had agreed to with the other agent should show up there. I am sure I will be on the phone with them for hours and days again. I can’t think about it anymore. In the famous words of Scarlett O’Hara “feedly dee I will think about it tomorrow” or in my case in a month.

I discovered yesterday that one of my issues with helping myself to unsecured internet will be doing my banking. I really should not trust that kind of transactions to random networks. This is key for me and I don’t feel comfortable doing it at work either.

So, I cracked and called Rogers.

They were very nice and quick. My appointment is for this Sunday and the appointment window is from 11-2 instead of 12-5 with Bell and a 3 week wait for a weekend appointment.

I ordered the Express. It will be $46.99 + $5.50 for the box. 5% bundle discount on both my internet and wireless! And it is free for the first 3 months with a 1 year contract. Woop!

Now, should I sign up with NetFlix?

It’s a bit funny that my new TV is string at me like a giant black hole now that I have nothing to use it for, apart from a giant computer screen.

So to NetFlix or not to NetFlix?

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