Monday, May 16, 2011

Goal Keeper

Have you notice my handy dandy Goal Keeper section?
I can now visually track my progress! I just updated the totals with

+$250 School Savings
+$94 Emergency Fund Savings

I like to see the little numbers grow!
Even though I have a chunk of dept weighting me down, it is nice to also have a mini chunk of change going positive!
Who am I kidding, nice... IT'S FANTASTIC!

Right now, instead of transferring the monthly contributions into a savings account, I am keeping track and depositing them into my credit line. This way I am saving on interest, since the interest saved is higher than the interest earned would be. At the end of the year I plan to transfer the School portion into my RRSP where the rest of the money is sitting. I may make a few lump sum transfers during the year, but I have decided yet. For right now it makes sense to me.

Goal keepers to come:

% of debt repaid
Travel Fund

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