Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Check in Fri May 20 - Thurs May 26

Fri May 20
$15 Lunch
$9 Pasta sale at work
$45 Hair colour
Total $69

Sat May 21
$24 Drug Store (purchase was $34 but I cashed in $10 of points) bought bronzer lotions
$25 Night out
$28 Credit card purchase from Night out... I bought two rounds of drinks for my friend and I. Very odd behavior on my part since I never use my cr card at a club.
Total $77

Sun May 22
Total $74

Mon May 23
Money Free Day!

Tues May 24

Money Free Day!

Wed May 25
70 Spa
$30 Dinner Date - He paid for the driving range, I insisted on paying for the drinks and nachos
Total $100

Thurs May 26

Money Free Day!

Weekly Total $320
I also made an extra $40 this week designing and making my coworker's wedding earrings and necklace.

Again I have to say the best thing to do is to write all purchases down. I was sure I had a cheap week, but then I forgot my beutification treatments oooops!

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