Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's not all about money crunching.... A girl need a date from time to time.

When venturing into the world of online dating:

General points to watch out for:
• People easily misrepresent themselves when they are communicating online. They are comfortable being forward – Stand your ground and be weary of all people.
• Pictures almost never equal reality. They can be old, of a friend or people just don’t look like themselves. It’s always strange meeting someone as their pics are only a hint of what they really look like.
• Shy people can be more open, on a date it may be like pulling teeth to talk to them.
• Never give out personal information, be careful of adding strangers on FB or even BBM.
• Always be suspicious. It’s safer that way.
• If you feel uncomfortable, end the conversation and walk away. Always let someone know what you are doing and where you are.
• Always meet in a public place.
• You can tell a lot about a person by having a phone conversation with them.

Plenty of Fish – This is a mad house of man, man and than some more man. There are profiles everywhere and you can’t look away.
Also this is the home of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Features I like:
• You can see when someone has read your message.
• You can see when he is online.
• Preference can be set on age. I have no interest in anyone who is younger than I am.
• It’s free.
• Geographical filter, you will be amazed at the amount of singles in 10 mile radius of yourself.

Features I don’t like:
• Most people do not fill out their profiles fully.
• I don’t like the ‘looking for’ section. I don’t know what I am looking for, lets take it one step at a time. Really do you need to know if I just want you for one go around or a life time. What if I change my mind?
• There is no filter on the kind of men you will meet. It’s as random as it can be.

In my experience, communication quickly goes to MSN. I haven’t used MSN in years and it doesn’t hold any interest for me. After a few emails, I don’t mind getting a phone call or exchanging texts. It is a more current way of communication. Some dates have been really interesting, some extremely dry, some fun.
Fun for experimentation, if you are up for some ups and downs!

I know two couples who are either married or about to be that have met through this site.

I don’t recommend it if you are shy, or very inexperienced in dealing with men. If you are any of these things, you may fall for the immediate bombardment of emails of men telling you how hot you are. Remember, they are fishing!

– the promise of the perfect relationship.

Features I like:

• Requires for you to have a relatively filled out profile.
• It does the searching and matching for you.
• It is not free; it keeps out the riff raft.
• Most men are university graduates. – very important for someone who has a higher education like me.

Features I don’t like:
• It’s not free. It is pricy, but I have been lucky to search out promo codes and with some patience save money.
• It has a few stages to communications that I find useless, such as the Likes/Dislikes. I just skip over his and forward mine.
• Introductory communication can take on weeks, depending on how often people check the site. It is very easy to just loose interest.

In my experience, this is great to find someone you can have a long conversation with over dinner. Most dates have been as if I was on a date with myself. Perfect match on several levels, to the point that my date had the same red car and was planning a vacation in Italy almost at the same time I was. But, tell me do you want to be on a date with yourself?
The men were a bit more mature and relaxed than on POF. The commercial is a perfect example of what your first date will most likely be, but the odds of wanting a second date with yourself are low.

I don’t know any couples who have met on this site, but I have heard of several friends of friends that have found The One.

I would comment on Lavalife but I haven’t used it in a few years. At that point I enjoyed the instant messenger, but the communication was limited for a free account. I don’t think I ever went on a date with someone from there.

In conclusion, put yourself out there and have fun. Don’t have high expectations, be cautious and most importantly enjoy.

You never know!!!

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