Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Summary Fri Feb 4- Thurs Feb 10

Due to a bit of a medical problem/ crappy week I will not go back and recap the prior week. There was nothing of note that week. Moving forward!

Fri Feb 4

Knife Set $33.43*
Night out $30
Breakfast $4.35

Sat Feb 5
Dentist $160**
Dinner $30

Sun Feb 6
Parking $15

Mon Feb 7
Grocery $28.04
Drug Store $36.84

Tues Feb 8


Wed Feb 9
Gas $46.37

Thurs Feb 10

Grocery $37.77

Total Week$422

* I purchased a new knife set to replace the extremely bendy one I have. It was on sale close to 50% off and I had a $40 gift card.
** Turns out the 100% dental benefits are not really 100%

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