Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Check in Feb 18 - Feb 24

Fri Feb 18
$9.92 Shoppers - not sure what I bought actually...
$22.24 Dinner
$32.16 Total
Sat Feb 19
Sun Feb 20
Mon Feb 21

The Weekend in Ottawa cost me in total $80. This includes gas and a few meals out as well as a night out dancing. It would have been a lot more if my sister had not paid for my dinner on Sat night as my Birthday gift
Tues Feb 22
$52.02 Gas
$5.65 Lunch
$32.77 Lulu Lemon *
$39.54 Browns Shoes
$39.72 Grocery
$169.7 Total

Wed Feb 23

$55 Spa***

Thurs Feb 24
$40.32 Grocery
$20 Dinner
$20 Dealfind deal on 20 drop in classes for Hot yoga **
$80.32 Total

$407.26 Week Grand Total

* I was stuck at the mall for half hour on Tues and did a bit of damage. I found some great deals actually. I really needed a new sports bra and I found one at the lulu lemon clearance rack! Also, I finally found my Shiny Disco ball shoes, can't go wrong for $130 shoes for less than $30!
** This will be great to add to my workout schedule and it is $1 per class for the next 20 weeks!

*** Technically I am not sure if I should include this. I actually purchased $150 worth of gift certificates for $120 to the spa I go to for massages and beautification. When I was paying my bill it turned out I had $55 credit from before. My massages get reimbursed and thus I am not counting it.

Now to be honest looking at the week as a total of $407 actually hurts. I didn't think I spent that much until I added it up.

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