Saturday, March 5, 2011

* Tax Refund DANCE*

Wooohooo taxes are filed and my bank account is waiting!

Happy to report that I will be getting back just over $2,000 this year!!!

And of course I have a plan for that money, that was made ages ago. One day I hope to run into money that I don't have a plan for or have already spent...

The master plan!

- $700 right back into the RRSP
- $300 shopping!!! I have been wearing extremely stretched out pants for a while and with my workouts my body has changed. Time for new pants. 5 to be exact! A few other items have to be refreshed as well which means I will be very very careful in making my dollars stretch
- $1,000 into emergency and travel fund. I am hoping to go to Las Vegas and Miami this year and this covers the trip expenses. Still have to start saving for spending money.

Basically, hello money and goodbye money!

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