Monday, March 21, 2011

The long awated shopping spree!

What a feeling to allow myself to spend money on clothes! To browse and know that I have the money to spend on clothes!
As I had mentioned previously, I was in a desperate need to re-vamp my work wardrobe, primarily the pants department.
It turns out that there is a reason why I had to tuck in my shirts in my pants for months to prevent them from falling down...I have gone down from size 5/7 to size 2.
This of course is done in a healthy way, I watch what I eat (mostly, with the exception of a treat here and there) and I workout regularly. I would say physically my lifestyle is pretty healthy!

Now are you ready... remember the budget was $300. Goal was 5 pairs of pants and a refresh of the bra department and workout shorts.

Day 1.

1st pair of pants $18.74 + sunglasses $15 = including tax $34.74

2nd pair of pants $9.99 = Including tax $11.29

*** I only went to the sale racks I did not allow myself to shop in the regular price section***

Day 2.

$ 44.64 La Senza

3rd and 4th pair of pants $39.95 each = including tax $90.29

and now this is were I went off the plan...

I was walking to Zellers to see if I can find some workout shorts.

I walked into le Chateau and fell in love with a beautiful dress. I picked up a size Small and thought it it fit we were meant to be. It fit! It melted and hugged me. It fit like it was made for me. The price tag $169.95.

Take breath.

I bought it.

I will be wearing it at my brother's wedding in June. The dress I planned to wear is now a bit too big for me. I was going to make it work anyway until I met this dress. It is by far the most expensive dress I have ever bought. Lets not talk about it anymore.

I walked into Zellers as the original plan. I found a pair of shorts for $24.97 perfect for Hot Yoga and volleyball and also luggage $61.25 (on sale from $175).
Luggage is for Europe and any other trips I take this year.

GRAND TOTAL...(I am scared to add it up)


and I forgot I had to get all 4 pairs of pants shortened....$44.67

Again: Grand total $515.10

Actually it isn't as bad as I thought.

Of this I have already paid $296.03 (funny that this is actually the original budget amount). I owe myself (and the credit card company) $219.07 by the end of the month. I will have to do a bit of a shift here and there but I can do it. I had actually overpaid the credit card by more than I thought so I think it will work out.

Now I can't wait to pick up my size 2 pants!

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