Friday, March 11, 2011

Spending recap - Fri March 4 - Thurs March 10

Fri Mar 4

$40 Hair Cut
$80 Massage - will be reimbursed
$120 Grocery
Total $240 without Massage $160

Sat Mar 5

Money Free Day!

Sun Mar 6

Money Free Day!

Mon Mar 7

$6.53 Light bulbs and a chocolate bar

Tues Mar 8

Money Free Day!

Wed Mar 9

$7.90 Dinner
$15 - Raptors game Ice cream and GO bus
Total $22.90

Thurs Mar 10

$4.15 Starbucks

Grand Total 193.58

Another week under budget!!!
I am not counting the massage.
I went to my first sporting event, the Raptors game, on Wednesday. My company had a platinum box and after paying $6.50 for an ice cream we found out that we can get it for free. And we got another cone and popcorn and beer and M&Ms.
I need to work on my grocery bill, for a single person I spend a lot. This week it included a $30 cast iron pan, but still it is high.

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