Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When life hands you lemons, decide eat a fresh croissant in Paris.

And so I run into another setback, this time instead of a $400 setback it is a close to $8,000.

As you may recall, I was to make an extra $6K or so as side income in the upcoming months. This will now be replaced by a trip to Europe to see my baby brother get married. Estimated trip cost $2,000. Total damage to my condo / dept repayment plan $8,000. Estimated set back to achieving dream of home ownership and going back to school: one year and two years respectively.

The good news, as I have been very diligent with my spending and saving, I will be able to go on this trip without borrowing. Of course, this uses up my $1,000 traveling fund + $300 of the money I was supposed to save this month. Not to mention that I will need another $700 or so for 3 nights hotel in Paris (  ) and spending money + wedding gift.
Since this is a complete surprise and the wedding is June 4th, I will not be able to give my brother a fantastic wedding gift worthy of a little brother, but it will be something of a more last-minute-I-don’t-approve-of-this- and –don’t-have-cash size. To be determined.

I am choosing to see this as a good thing.

1. Since the lay over for the flights is in Paris, my sister and I will spend 4 days there on the way back. I have never been to Paris, and it is on my list of 50 places to visit this lifetime. So far I have only been to 4/50. Since Paris is the city of love, a part of me wanted to save it for a romantic trip, but it looks like my sis and I will once again be going on our honeymoons together. Last year we visited Italy, and decided we were on our honeymoons as Italy is the top honeymooner choice.

2. I need a break. Correction, I am in a desperate need of a break. Perhaps this is a divine intervention to show me that I should in fact take a break and not work 12 hour days for 2 weeks on my vacation. This is the only way I could possibly go on vacation this year feeling guilt free.

After two days of deep deep anger I have finally come out of it and feel happy for the kid and excited to see Paris!

Ps. I will have to redo my budget for the next 2 years. But it goes to show you, you can plan and plan and still end up somewhere completely differently than you ever imagined. Ie in Paris drinking a cappuccino and eating a freshly baked croissant. Things can be worse.

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