Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Yoga is damn Hot

My workout schedule starting mid March is as follows:

Mon – Hot Yoga
Tues – Volleyball
Wed – Yoga
Thurs – Weights /Break
Fri – Weights / Boot camp Cardio / Volleyball drop in
Sat – Circuit weights
Sun – Break!

Recently I scored a $20 pass for 20 Hot yoga classes at Birth Yoga Studio through Dealfind. I decided this was a great chance to try something new, my photography class was ending and I had my Monday nights free again. Missing my Wednesday yoga class really made me want to add more yoga to my routine.

About the studio:
I felt that the yoga studio is pretty small, but the only reference I have is my mega giant gym. It is very clean and the hot room is hot. The hot room has a very unique smell to it, perhaps from the people that have been in there dripping like mad or the actual heaters. The class can hold about 12 students. I have a pet peeve that there aren’t any mirrors on the walls. I am used to being able to see myself and correct my poses. On the other hand, I don’t know if I want to see myself red faced and sweating. The flow class was intermediate/ beginner and the instructor was fairly good.

After two classes, I can tell you that it is damn hot! I don’t do well physically in hot humid weather and I knew this will be an extreme challenge. I was ready to faint, be sick to my stomach or any other equally embarrassing and gross thing to happen. In my first class, I quickly discovered that my body could and did stretch further and my practice was easier. I also found out that water can come out of every pore of my body.

The second class was harder. I am convinced that it was hotter in the room. I also forgot to bring a hair tie to tie my hair back and was fighting with it the whole class ( I was later told that they have hair ties available). My head was spinning and my body was rebelling. It took me good 15mins before I was ready to leave the studio and head for my car. I closed the door to my car and it was fogged up by my body heat in less than 3 seconds! There are no adequate shower facilities at this small studio and since it is a 5 min drive from my wonderful shower, I had to trek out dripping and boiling.

The part that I fell in love with was the deep meditative state it put me in. My only focus was to survive the hour. My brain blacked out and I was deep into my practice. I have been in the search of something that would help my ever wondering brain shut down and this is it. I was fully in the moment.

Conclusion: I hate it and I love it, both with equal intensity.

As a side note, I definitely need to invest in a pair of yoga shorts. My workout capris are just way too hot. Shorts will also be good for Volleyball as well.

As a second note: After I finish my hot yoga pass, I will be moving onto trying out rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), swimming lessons (I want to be able to go scuba diving), cardio pole dancing, running and whatever else catches my attention.

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