Thursday, February 17, 2011


Birthdays are expensive!

It’s not the ‘it’s my birthday so I will dance’ celebrations that get you but the unfortunate government related paperwork that goes with that special day. This by the way gets less and less special by the year.

1. Renew car sticker – there goes $75 and if your car is older and born on an odd year top it up with another $50 for an E-test. My car is a 2010, basically I spent $30K to save $50. Lets not talk about it.
2. Renew driver’s license… another $75 boom gone. Luckily it only happens once every 4 years.
3. Renew Health card – oh this is free! But the line ups are long enough to make you wish you paid and got to the front of the line faster
4. Of course, you cannot not (sorry for the double negative) buy yourself something really really nice. Perhaps two somethings. You can of course imagine that next week I will be indulging in the purchase of a pair of disco ball shiny shoes and nice long awaited visit to the Spa.
5. The party. There is always some kind of unexpected expense related to this. Not naming names or describing events to protect the innocent.

Happy Birthday my fellow Pisces!

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