Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Check in Feb 11 - Feb 17

Fri Feb 11

$18 Lunch
$10 Volleball Drop In
$28 Total

Sat Feb 12
$53.89 Grocery
$100 Restock on all of my beauty/ hair supplies
$153.89 Total

Sun Feb 13

Money Free Day!

Mon Feb 14

Money Free Day!

Tues Feb 15

$4.15 Latte
$3.99 Milk
$8.14 Total

Wed Feb 16
$4.15 Latte
$21.70 Art Supplies
$25.85 Total

Thurs Feb 17

$5.59 Latte

$221.47 Weekly Grand Total

Overall, I am really proud of myself here, I spent a lot getting my toiletries in order, but I didn't spend on anything extra during the week.
As a side note, I really wanted to cut down on coffee but I have actually graduated to drinking Venti sized lattes. Major step back.

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