Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly Spending Summary Fri July 1 - Thurs July 7

I was going to skip this check in since I haven't been diligent in keeping track of spending. But I felt guilty as there was a major slip up as you will see below:

Sat June 2
56.79 Grocery
11.69 Grocery #2

Sun June 3
$20 Wine
$96 Aldo Shoes (2 pairs of sandals)
$34 RW& Co
$49 La Senza
$29 The Bay

Mon June 4
Money Free Day!

Tues June 5

Money Free Day!

Wed June 6

Money Free Day!
Thurs June 7

$100 Oil change and surprise air filter change
$5 Second breakfast at Tim Hortons

Weekly Total$407

*Lower head in shame.*
My slip up was due to one part anger towards my latest dating fail and one part I though I had lost all of my bras.
Let me explain, for the life of me I couldn't find where I had stashed my bras after I had done the laundry. I decided to go and buy at least 1-2 new ones and one thing led to another... New pants, new shoes etc later...

Of course, when I got home I found where I had pushed them off to the side of my bed in my attempt for a quick 'clean up' prior to a boy from failed dating attempt coming over. I will learn from my day soon.
Next week and month are for getting back on track with the whole I am not dating and not spending thing, right? Right!

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