Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap Fri July 8 - Thurs July 14

Fri July 8
$43 Cat food and accessories for trip

Sat July 9
$5 Tim Hortons Breakfast
$35 Night out
$9 Road trip snacks
$28 Gas
$71 Groceries
Total $148

Sun July 10

$7 Extreme Pita Lunch
$11 Glasses
$110 Running Room: New running shoes + Running socks
$75 New Balance: Running skirt + arm band for blackberry
Total $203

Mon July 11
$10 Parking at the hospital

Tues July 12
$25 Chapters
$7.5 Gelato
Total $33

Wed July 13

$3.5 Coffee
$20 Two yoga classes
Total $24

Thurs July 14

No Spend day!

Weekly Total $460

Another big spender week, mainly because of the Running equipment. I only have to book my 1/2 marathon for $80 and maybe the 10K for $85.
At the Running room I did get fitted for my running shoes and I lucked out that they were on sale for $77!

As a side note, I really truly from the bottom of my heart miss sleeping in my own bed. My back is screaming as I have been sleeping on my sis' old couch this week. Not only that the cat also tries to tuck himself in my legs while we sleep. I really want my bed!

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