Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isn't running supposed to be free?

And I thought running was a way to do something new and at the same time save money...

It all started with new running socks $16, as I got a giant blister from using regular sport socks. My sock injury.

So lets break it down:
$16 Nike dryfit socks.Love them by the way. My feet are very snug, supported and comfy in there.

$77 new running shoes. Asics. Actually the exact same type of shoe I already had, but they were 2 years old.
$16 a second pair of socks

$44 Running skirt (got to look good running, since I turn fire red in 5 mins, at least one part of me should be presentable)
$25 arm band to hold my blackberry during runs. This was actually really hard to find, as most arm bands are for Apple products. I lucked out at the New Balance outlet store in Ottawa. After some adjustments, I got used to using it while my Torch is safely shoved in there. The running skirt is a tiny sample sized Small! Looking at it, I can't believe my behind fits in it.

$90 ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon! This is the major piece, the challenge, the goal, the proof I am crazy!
My goal is to finish and I don't care how long it takes me. I hope I don't finish dead last but even if so I will be the girl who went from a none runner to a 1/2 marathoner in less then 4 months!

So if you are counting that's about $250 spent on something that was not supposed to cost me anything...

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