Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap Fri July 15- Thurs July 21

Fri July 15
NO Spend day!

Sat July 16
$67 Groceries
$50 Pub Night
Total $117

Sun July 17
NO Spend day!

Mon July 18
NO Spend day!

Tues July 19
NO Spend day!

Wed July 20
NO Spend day!

Thurs July 21

$13 Dinner
$3.50 Green Tea ice soda at Starbucks

+$35 for misc cash spent during the week

Weekly Total $169

This was a Great under budget week! It has been a while!
This was also my last week in Ottawa and my sis paid of most of our outside ventures ie gelato here, coffee there!

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