Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Spending Summary Fri July 22 - Thurs July 28

Fri July 22
$13 - Quiznos lunch for my sis and I
$15 - Road trip snacks
Total $28

Sat July 23

$11 Groceries
$44 Groceries
$11 Wine
Total $66

Sun July 24
$12 StitchIt to hem my pants

Mon July 25
$4.25 Starbucks
$22 Girls night at Milestones
Total $26

Tues July 26
$3 Parking
$40 Allergy Meds and random stuff at the Drug Store
Total $43

Wed July 27
$54 Gas

Thurs July 28
$37 Groceries
$47 Running Room Water Belt (after $10 discount for signing up for 1/2 Marathon)
Total $84

Weekly Total $313

Yep another epic fail in the budgeting department :(
If you are counting that now over $300 spent on running. The water belt was an extreme necessity, which proved to be very useful in my first 12K run this past Sunday.
I don't think that there is anything else that I have to buy for running. It is a very expensive venture!

In other news I am off on my road trip to NYC tomorrow and the forecast is all rain ;(. Send some positive juju my way that the bad weather blows away.

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