Thursday, August 11, 2011

NYC trip Expenses

NYC Aug 2011

My quick and cheap road trip to NYC was fantastic apart from the horrid flight back.

My plane was at 7pm from JFK, at 5pm I was still at my friends place on 116th and Broadway. I decided to be hard core and spend $15 on Subway/Air train.

After a 10min walk to the first subway train and 10min wait for the train and 10min ride to 42nd street, I made to the E train that was to take me across Queens to JFK.

After 15 mins of waiting, I noticed a small sign saying E train is not running on this date. A small ripped sign! We checked and sure enough it wasn't. I asked two Spanish women if they wanted to share a cab to the airport. They agreed and we found a cabbie that would take us for $65. Of course now I only have 1hour to get to my plane.

At 6:40pm I was at the airport, this was after a mad 150km/hr drive through Manhattan and Queens, while the driver kept looking back at me and called my "baby".

I was ushered to the slowest typing woman who after 10mins told me she didn't feel comfortable printing a boarding pass for me even if she could. She could rebook me for the next day, I couldn't believe it. She asked what city was close to me, Montreal? I said NO my car is at Buffalo airport. I think at this point she realized that I had no harmful intentions and after another few minutes of agonizingly slow typing gave me a 'special business boarding pass'. I got the the security and almost wasn't allowed to go through but they allowed me given that I was on 'special business'.

I almost forgot to remove my backpack prior to going through the metal detectors. I was very frazzled. I took my shoes off and passed, the security guy smiled and waved at me and said "come though, Bella". I was wearing my Ciao Bella shirt from Italy.

I did a mad run to the gate, where there was a line up as the flight was overbooked. Thankfully I had already selected my seat and they just printed a boarding pass there. At this point I was sweating bullets.

I made it on the plane, they separated from the gate and proceeded to wait for 40mins on the runway before take off.

Thankfully, there was no line up at the border on my ride home and I saw fireworks over Niagara!

Flight from Buffalo: $110
4 days of Parking at BUF: $40/2 =20
Rental Car +Gas= $200+ $60= $260/2=130
Cheapo Motel in Jersey=$70/2= $35
Tolls: $20/2= $10
Food $100
MET, gifts, running capris =$50
MAD drive to JFK $40

Grand Total:$504
(would have been cheaper if there were 3 of us, just sayin' ;) )
After a 5hour wait I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit. The regular MET price is $25 but the girl asked me if I was a student anywhere and gave me the student rate of $12. Did I mention it was a 5 hour wait!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned that if it was up to me I would move to NYC in an instant. I can't tell you where to find things in Toronto, but I know exactly where everything is in NYC. Home.

NYC Aug 2011

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