Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Spending Summary Fri Aug 19 - Thurs Aug 26

Fri Aug 19

$30 Parking and Drink Downtown
$5 Starbucks
$14 Supper Hot dress! on major Sale!
$40 Lulu lemon sports
$56 Dress
$15 Grocery

Total $160

Sat Aug 20

No Spend Day!

Sun Aug 21

$50 Gas
$67 Grocery
Total $117

Mon Aug 22

No Spend day!

Tues Aug 23

$10 Laundry card refill

Wed Aug 24

$9 Five Guys Burger Lunch! Yum-o
$5 Starbucks
Total $14

Thurs Aug 25

$14 Running Room - gels for my 16K run on Sun
$5 Starbucks
Total $19

Weekly Total $320

Again over my $200/wk budget. Yes I did do a bit of shopping, which was in a way therapy as there will be no more +1 trips or dinners. I needed a new sports bra and lulu lemon has the best ones offering full support. I highly recommend them, but only buy them on sale!

I also messed up my budget, because Aug was a triple pay month and I used the money to pay down my debt but I forgot that my car payment is ALSO bi-weekly and didn't leave $ in my account for I should include a $40 NSF fee to my weekly spending. *head down in shame*. This was a pure miss on my part.

Weekly Total $360

Shame shame shame.

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