Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Summary Fri Dec 31 2010 to Thurs Jan 6th 2011

Again, I am late.
We switched decades, but was I able to switch my spending?

Fri Dec 31 2010

Hotel $77.50 - The Hilton Garden Inn proved to be very affordable at $160/night for New Years Eve. The rest of the hotels were at about $300/night! (this is special work discount from my sis' work)

Night out $50 (including dinner) I was sick so not much drinking happened that night. This includes $30 for the club!
Total $127.20

Sat. Jan 1, 2011

No Spend day! ( well I did buy a Starbucks latte but it was on a gift card)

Sun. Jan 2, 2011

A true no spend day!!!

Mon. Jan 3, 2011

Prescription $11.98

Tues. Jan 4th, 2011

Buckley's for my cough $14.68
(tastes like serious crap, but it did help me)
Starbucks $4.15 ( I can't find my gift card :()

Total: $18.83

Wed, Jan 5th, 2011

Grocery: $57.68

Thurs, Jan 6th.2011

Art Supplies $63.27

Week Total:$279.26

I am over budget, mainly due to the art supplies. I am a painter and I had this incredible craving to paint after 3.5 years.
No excuse, should have budgeted for it. Again BIG FAIL on the no shopping rule.

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