Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shoes, I want new shoes.

I feel like a junkie in the need of a fix (Not that I know how that really feels.)
Shoes. I need to buy SHOOES.

I don’t know what has come over me today but my heart races in the thoughts of sparkly disco ball mile high stilettos. I just want to slip my feet into a brand new pair, twirl around in the store surrounded by even more shoes and bring out that credit card so that they can come home with me. They will surely make friends with all of the other shoes in my closet.

Oh the joy that will be!

I haven’t stepped in a mall since Boxing day, even then I was limited to my list of purchases. Oh, I went cold turkey and now 1 month later, all I can think of is a pair of shiny disco ball stilettos.

How wonderful the brand new shoe will feel against my foot. How tall they will make me. I will be the girl with the shiny shoes. The shiny- turn- heads –they- are –so- beautiful shoes.

How will I be able to restrain myself? I have the feeling that if I get into the car it will drive me to the mall instead of home. If I go on the internet my fingers will simply search out the perfect pair.


Think of anything else, perhaps work… SHOES.

*le sigh*

*le very deep sigh*

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