Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a bit loopy...

Out of sight out of mind…. Well partially.

I did not receive my phone bill prior to me paying it. I just paid the usual amount and kept on tracking on. I received the bill a few days later and just filed it away unopened.

Well, that nice BlackBerry Torch I have been using so lovingly was on that bill! This meant that I was late in paying it and received a nasty call from my service provider.

Why why did I not remember to add this to my budget, I see the phone literally every minute of the day.
So now I am out an extra $107, this month.

For some reason I am really slipping this year, since I am usually on the ball when it comes to these things.

Please note, even though it is not related to the above, I got hit by a volleyball in the head during my Sunday practice. This resulted in my spacing out during the rest of the training, to the point that the trainer had to yell at me to stay “awake”. The next day:
• I almost walked out without my pants on in the morning. Luckily, I realized this as I was putting my boots on.
• When I got to my car, I saw that I had left the light on in my car overnight. New car = good battery!
• Took a wrong turn on the way to work and didn’t realize for good 5 mins.
• When I got to work my desk key was not on my key chain, it was the only key missing. I had to have security get me a new key and got a firm lecture about safety.

Since it is now 3 days later and I am still alive, I think that means no permanent damage was done. Also, I am thinking my spaz like behavior cannot be externally blamed. I tried though!

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