Thursday, January 13, 2011

Am I ready for home ownership?

Waving financial matters to the side, home ownership for a single girl, is it a good idea?

Last week, my toilet broke and wouldn’t flush, I had to go into the cold water tanky thing and manually move the big black blob to flush it. Well, I called my super and half hour later he was there with a cart full of interesting instruments and 10 minutes after that my toilet was doing the happy flush dance. He had to replace the whole mechanism back there, because it basically deteriorates in water over time. He gave me a quick, serious lecture on the thing, but in one ear out the other.

Yesterday, I tried to turn on my cold water tap in my kitchen and it just spun and spun without water coming out. Again, I called my super and they will go in and fix it.

Over a year ago, I couldn’t unplug my bathtub drain, no matter how much I struggled with the plunger and how many different unplug-drain liquids I poured. They had to send a plumber in to put a giant hole in my wall in order to get to the pipe that was plugged by…get ready for it… my kitchen sink. Apparently it is very rare that the bathroom and kitchen drain into the same pipe, but of course if it will happen it will happen to me. There was drilling, and cutting and basically a giant hole in my wall, which was fixed within 3 days without any scares to the wall to indicate the mad hole. If you can’t tell, I was very disturbed by the hole, as I had strange images of monsters coming out of there or loosing my cat in it. Yes, over exaggerated it in my head, since it was an internal wall and really no monsters live there, but you get the idea.

This got me thinking this morning, what if there was no super? What happens when I don’t have access to someone to fix the un-flushing toilet, the dry tap or unplug my bathtub drain? What do I do then? I don’t have easy access to a know-it-all dad, or any other kind of handy man friend. Does this mean I will have to either call a super expensive plumber for something as small as the change of some rubbery thingy-majic inside a tap, would he laugh at me as he hands me an outrageous bill? Or would I be certain that I can learn how to fix it from a book and try my hand at fixing it? Suddenly, I have a strange vision manifest itself of water gushing like a fountain out all of my taps. Cold, freezing water that cannot be stopped…

This is what my mind is pondering today.

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