Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saved by Santa?

Eeek I was $.70 away from an NSF 3 days ago and almost again today.

By some luck somehow, I was $.70 away from a $40 fine for a NSF.
I don't like to keep money in my checking account and since my pay started being deposited into my account bi-weekly instead of bi-monthly, I am a bit of a mess. As a rule, I use one pay to pay for rent and fixed expenses and the other for variable expenses, savings and debt repayment.
My car payment comes out bi-weekly but on opposite week than my pay,so I transfer money to my credit line in a weak attempt to 1. Save on interest and 2. Not to spend the money by mistake. I only keep my spending money in my checking account.

Three days ago, I took out money for New Years Eve and a day later realized that my car payment was due as well. I had forgotten to transfer the car payment back to my checking account. In a fever I checked the balance on my account and it was $.70!!!
By some stroke of sheer luck I had avoided the nasty NSF fine and what's worse defaulting on my car payment by accident. I never EVER want to default on a payment and mainly because I didn't remember to transfer the funds.
To do this week: Call Car loan and switch so that the payment comes from the checking account I don't use.

And today! I realized that it is the 4th and my car insurance should have come out. Again, I had forgotten to transfer the funds! Again!
To my delight, due to the holidays it looks like they are late and the payment had not come through.
Saved by Santa?

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