Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spending Summary Fri Jan 14- Thurs Jan 2o

Fri Jan 14

Lunch $15

Sat Jan 15
Winners $48.57 *

Sun Jan 16

Gas 48.78
Food 68.59
Total: $117.37

Mon Jan 17


Tues Jan 18
Lunch $15
Post Office $7.75
Total: $22.75

Wed Jan 19


Thurs Jan 20

Dinner 10.72

Week Total: $214.41

* I was invited to a party for a little girl and decided to pick up a gift for her at Winners. Since in my head I was picturing spending about $30 and her gifts came to less than $15... I got myself a new purse.....I really needed it, none of the purses I have right now fit my needs or well specific mood of what my purse should be.s

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