Monday, January 3, 2011

January - What's on my plate...

Well, I just added $365 + HST to my credit card as my gym membership was due for renewal. I bargained it down from the $399 I paid last year. The bonus of my previous job was that we actually had $450/year to spend on gym memberships or any other physical activity. New job, no such luck.
Also, I signed up for an introductory photography course for $275, which will be my Monday and Wednesday nights for 6 weeks. This is something I have really wanted to do and is part of my future plan to be out there in the world as a self employed woman. If that happens I will happily be juggling 2-3 different jobs to earn my living. The corporate world and I are seeing eye to eye less and less lately.
Sundays I will have volleyball clinic = $80 for 4 weeks. After that in February the plan is to join a volleyball league that will have games on Tuesdays for 11 weeks.
Somehow, somewhere along the line I realized that I am perhaps doing a little too much and made the wise decisions to postponed some of the activities I have planned until April/May.

The second level of the photography class is filling up fast for an April start, but I am not going to book it until I finish the first one. Plus I am not sure if I will have the funds for it squared away. Again, no credit cards, remember!

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