Friday, April 15, 2011

No buyer's remorse.

I have been MIA for the last few weeks, sorting myself out. One I was busy, two I was not in the best of moods to put my thoughts into writing that the world can see.

Some news.

After much debate and planning I purchased a new 42 inch TV and Blu-ray surround sound system.
Damage $840
Justification: My DVD player officially broke, ie wouldn't stay on. I was looking at $79 blu-ray players when I was told that there wouldn't be much fun on my 16yr old tube TV. I knew this was coming. My good friend and IT manager at my previous work volunteered himself to do all of the research, 2 hrs of bargaining down the price and installation of the new system.

Conclusion: I love it! I can now see the full image instead of only 1/3 of programming!


I am writing to you from a brand new Dell laptop.
Damage: $568
Justification: I need it! My good old 6 year old laptop, lovingly nicknamed the Dinosaur by the above mentioned IT manager, was no longer cutting it for me. One it is super slow, so slow I didn't know how slow it was until I started using this one!
It makes angry noises at me whenever I make it think too hard.
Also, I want portability. The old one is a giant and super heavy.
Now that I am doing extra work I need to be able to take my computer with me outside my home and work in a coffee shop or the library. This baby is 14inches and super light.
Also, I will need to take it with me to Europe. Right before I leave, I will receive another assignment and I will not be able to finish it in time prior to leaving. I can't do 8days worth of work in 3. Actually that paycheck will be what will pay for this purchase.

I got paid today and paid off my entertainment system! I don't see it as a setback I see it as making myself happy and my home enjoyable. Now that I have given up on the home-ownership thing in the next year, I need to jazz this place up a bit.

Nothing left to buy for now!

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