Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Check in Sun June 12 - Thurs June 16

I am starting on the Sunday since I did not come back from vacation until Saturday night. My spending on vacation was previously budgeted for.

Sun June 12

$57 Grocery

Mon June 13
No money day!

Tues June 14
$10 Dinner
$40 Pedicure (instead of a flower I have packman like thing puking sparkles, don't want to talk about it)
Total $50

Wed June 15
$60 Gas+lottery ticket
$12 Lunch
$25 Grocery
Total $97

Thurs June 16
$10 contribution to baby shower gift for coworker
$5 Lunch
Total $15

Weekly Total $219

I thought that I would be under budget this week, this is why writing everything down comes in handy.

I had to put close to $1K on my credit card for professional dues this week, it should be reimbursed to me by my company. Hoping it will be pretty soon!

I have decided to start using my PC Mastercard for purchases going forward. The deal with myself is that I will pay it off weekly. I created an on-line account and can keep track of it. It used to be that if it went on my Cr Card I forgot it happened. Now it will be tracked and I will take advantage of the points! If I do not follow my rules I will stop using it.

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