Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goal Keeper Updates!

I love it when it is mid month and I get to update my progress! Mid month pay cheque is all about bill payment and savings!

+720 Side Income
+250 Savings for School
+93 Emergency fund
+185 Travel fund

I found an extra $185 in my account left over from the last 2 weeks since I was away traveling and so it moves to the newly created Travel fund! There is a possibility that I will be going to NYC or LA or both in 2 months and I have to really try to find some extra cash for that. Both are really cheap opportunities to travel and I really want to take advantage of them.

As a side note my last Bell Canada bill came in and they are charging me for service I didn't have plus installations that didn't happen. I will have to spend hours on the phone with them today ;(

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