Monday, December 27, 2010

me vs boxing day 3:3

Well, I don't know what I was thinking 3 days ago when I decided to put myself on the shopping fast until the end of Feb 2011.
I was setting myself for a fail, which of course I did.
1. I had not finished purchasing my sister's Christmas gift.
2. I had 2 more friends that were still missing their Christmas gifts.

I was telling everyone left right and centre that I had no intentions to go shopping this week. Last year we went on a mad week long shopping spree that set me back a few grand and I am sure I am still paying for it. This year, I was/am putting my foot down.
My sister kept giving me the sad puppy eyes every time I went on my little no shopping rant and finally I broke.

We hit the mall on Boxing day.

My original gift idea was to get my sister a ridiculously expensive graphic tee from The Gap, which was now 40% off. She didn't like any of them, but I really liked one of them. I tried it on, loved it and walked around the store with it in my hand for a while. I put it back on the shelf and walked out of the store. I decided I did not need a graphic tee.

Score 1:0

We went to another store where I needed to pick up of the other 2 gifts I needed. Turned out the little set was 50% off! Score! Here is the thing though... I used a gift card to buy it which was given to me for Xmass. Is this considered re-gifting? Is it on some level extremely socially unacceptable to do something like this?

I actually picked up a second set for my other friend, covering my 2 outstanding gifts. And I also saw a cute little travel perfume jar that can be loaded from your favourite perfume bottle and snagged it for myself. $12.99 for this little gizzmo was outrageous, but the idea is brilliant and will replace the bottle of body mist that I lug around with me in my purse. On top of everything, I just got 2 for 1 gifts and part of it was not paid by me.

Score 1:1

We continued walking around and of course waked into a shoe store. One of my weaknesses, beautiful shoes that were now ready to be loved with prices lowered by more than 50%.
I looked and I loved but I didn't touch. My sister zeroed in on a cute pair of boots. She looked, she loved, she tried on. Now she wanted.
I looked, I loved and I touched a gorgeous silver Guess purse. I wanted. It wasn't on sale at all but I now wanted. I closed my eyes and handed the purse back to the store clerk.

Score 2:1

In the mean time, my sister was ready to purchase. Then she looked me and said " Well, you can get these for me and that can be my gift" *insert puppy eyes*

$90 boots now $39.99, I took out my debit card and bought them for her.

Score 2:2

Next, jean store. My sis wanted to get a new pair of jeans. And I needed a belt to hold up my $180 jeans, which have been sliding down in an unflattering way for the last month or two.

Half hour later, she had a pair of Silver jeans and I had a new belt already looped in and doing it's job.


Next, we walked into the kitchen supply store. I really need a new knife set, the blades of the one I have actually bend when I try to cut through things. I found what I was looking for, but it wasn't on sale enough to be covered by the gift card my sis gave me. I put it back and decided to wait until I can cash my airmiles for an additional gift card to cover the difference.

Final score 3:3

Not counted in here, were the few purchases my sis did for me, as she owed me some money....Is that considered shopping?

All in all, I don't think I failed too miserably....

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