Friday, December 24, 2010

Credit Cards are In JAIL.

I confiscated my own credit cards this morning. Well, I took them out of my wallet and put them on my night stand. Is this going to be enough, most likely not… and so I have a feeling I may steal an idea from a famous movie and freeze them in a block of ice.

After I received my latest credit card statement, I had the great plan of throwing my hands in the air and forgetting about it until January, when I will start again. Well, that is actually the most common mistake made by us the debt ridden consumer. An interesting analogy I recently heard was about going on the New Years resolution diet in after the Holidays, at which point no only do you still have that pesky 20lb from last holiday season, but now another 20 from the current bender. So, this girl is going to live credit card less. Out of wallet, out of mind … right? Any wonderfully happy shopaholic will tell you there are a reason and a need for everything.

And thus in the spirit of giving over the holidays, I am giving myself a shopping ban.
Oh this will be hard, I will probably go into severe withdraw but it has to be done.
As I see it, I have lived with the things I have accumulated thus far until now without anything bad happening to me, nobody has died from not having one more dress, and I will have to make do with what I have. And to be honest what I have is far more than the average person.

And now Ladies and Gents… I hope that you join me on my journey through life as a single young professional with lofty financial goals and just as lofty credit card bill.

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